Wednesday, December 26, 2007


End of Christmas night at Grandma's house

Gabbie opening presents from Santa Christmas morning
Cheesing for the camera
Gabbie with her purse and baba looking like a little girl.

Christmas morning with her TMX Cookie from Boom Boom and Papa
Gabbie and her Papa

Cousin Peyton and Gabbie

Grandma and Gabbie

I cannot believe Gabbie's first Christmas home has come and gone. I do believe she had a wonderful time but is now officially pooped. I have never seen one child get so many gifts and go non stop like she has the past 3 days. Some of her favorite gifts include a tent/tunnel playland from Grandma that is literally taking up our whole living room, her cabbage patch kid and bottle from Jenn which she carries with her everywhere, her pink sparkly purse from grandma, her Dora car from Santa, her little white dog from Boom Boom and Papa, her Dora Sit n Spin from GG which she doesn't sit on but instead hits the button so the music plays over and over again, a basketball hoop that daddy alleges he wanted for Gabbie but it is becoming obvious by daddys constant playing, it was really for him, and this is just to name a few. This child seriously got around 40 presents for Christmas and I mean nice presents too. And I thought I was spoiled as a child!!! She also got a folding table and chair set which we have to exchange because the table is dented, but I can guarantee she will adore.
So we have now made the decision to take the TV/entertainment center out of the computer room and now it will house Gabbie's toys and the computer only. We have so many toys scattered throughout the house and with only 3 bedrooms this is the only way to get some organization. I remember having a toy room as a child so I am kind of excited for Gabbie that she will have the same!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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Gibb said...

Okay, Angie...I'm a little slow here. Finally getting to check out your blog and get caught up on Gabbie. She is absolutely beautiful and she looks so grown up.

Glad you had a good Christmas. Welcome to the world of really big plastic toys!!