Sunday, December 30, 2007

First trip to Chuck e Cheese

We took Gabbie to Chuck e Cheese for the first time last week. I remember being a child going all of the time with my parents. I think she had a lot of fun. Chuck e Cheese has changed a bit since I have been there but it was still fun watching her experience new things.

Riding on some freaky teletubbies ride.

The verdict is in. I think she liked it!

She watched me put the token in 1 time. When that ride was finished she was reaching for another token because she wanted to keep riding. My mom was with me when I handed Gabbie a token thinking she would have no clue what to do with it, but boy was I wrong. She took that thing and put it right in the slot and started the ride up. We laughed so hard. I had 8 tokens and one by one she would put them in when the ride was done. I think we stood there for 20 minutes watching her ride this. Every day I am amazed at how smart this child is! She is constantly learning new words and things.

Riding some freaky looking thing. We didn't think she was too thrilled about this.
Check out her hair in this pic. It is not the greatest picture but when her hair is wet it is to the middle of her back. We are talking about a first haircut this spring because it is really uncontrollable.

Pulling a Britney Spears driving with her baby on her lap

Our baby girl starting to look like a little girl. I don't think we could love her anymore than what we do now.
After Chuck e Cheese at home. Gabbie for some reason likes to stand in the seat on this car she got from Santa.

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