Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pictures with Santa

Yesterday we took Gabbie to get pictures with Santa. We went with my best friend who is also Gabbie's sitter and Godmother and her two children Jacob and Jack. Let's just say she didn't like Santa too much. After Santa she was much happier.


Kelly said...

Santa is kinda scary...

Very cute dress. Her hair is so pretty...please send some of it Kathelyn's way!!!!

Love the blog!

Michelle Smiles said...

Woohoo!!! Welcome to blog land! So glad to see pics of Gabbie - I can't believe how big she is!

Sig said...

That's Gabbie? What happened to that little baby I met last year this time? Wah!!
Now I am getting scared to take ABby to see Santa, seems none of the little girls like him LOL

The McKenzie Crew said...

she is so beautiful:)

Thanks for the comment on my blog -



gabbiespops said...

I must admit - I have the cutest freakin kid in the world!!!!!!!!!!!