Monday, December 10, 2007


Gabbie was in rare form tonight which is actually turning out to be a normal thing with her. She has started something entirely new. She is now growling. It is quite the devilish growl. If I knew how to post videos I would put it on here. She growls while she laughs, when she is serious, and sometimes when she is mad. When I talked to Jennifer (Gabbie's sitter) today she said Gabbie was cracking her up with this new laugh. Come to find out the new laugh is actually the growl laugh. Anyway, here are some pictures from tonight for grandma since she couldn't make it out. The first one is of her growl in action and the second is of her looking sweet and innocent.

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gabbiespops said...

That was her growling - the whole time I thought it was the dog!?!?!?! When do we get some new pics and blogging???