Thursday, July 3, 2008

My baby is back!!!

Thank goodness Gabbie has recovered from Roseola! That is one illness I wouldn't wish on anyone. She truly was miserable. She barely ate anything for days and one night spent nearly 6 consecutive hours crying while mommy and daddy held her trying anything to make her happy. Yesterday she turned the corner and started feeling better sleeping through the night with no problems at bedtime. Today my mom watched her and Gabbie actually ate a fair amount of food! Tonight we went to Chevy's for dinner and although she barely ate her chicken strips and fries at the restaurant, when we returned home she gobbled down almost 2 chicken strips and a large amount of her fries. She has been her smiley, happy, lovable self tonight.

Now for proof of illness. This was a couple of nights ago. She was being silly with a marshmallow stuck to her lip. Look at her poor eyes. They were droopy and slightly swollen.

Look at her tonight! Her beautiful eyes are wide open again!



Jennifer said...

SOOOOO glad that she is feeling better! Isn't it so sad when they are sick like that?? I hoe you have a wonderful 4th of July!!

TNKerry said...

So glad you got your healthy, happy Gabbie back!!

Rhonda said...

So very glad she is feeling better Angie. You go Gabbie. She's a little ham!!

happy 4th :-)