Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Update

I cannot believe another weekend is over. We are already in the middle of July and just 5 months away from Christmas. Gabbie is turning 2 in just 1.5 months. I am not sure where the time is going.

Gabbie will be starting at the Goddard School in just 2 weeks. We always said when Gabbie turned 2 or 2.5 we would start her there. I am nervous about this transition for some reason since the others have gone so well so prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated. I am sure she will do well and I know in the long run this will be better for her but I am still a worrying mom. Is this whole worrying thing ever gonna end???? I can hear my mom saying nope right now as she is reading this...

Last night Steve and I actually went to a wedding without Gabbie. I know this may sound crazy but this is the first time we have left her at night. We have left her a couple of times to go to dinner or do Christmas shopping but we were always home before bedtime. It was nice last night to get out and hang with adults but we missed her. My mom and aunt watched her at our house and of course it went extremely well. They played, watched Happy Feet, ate dinner, and she went to bed without a fuss.

Now for pictures. Today we went to grandma's while Steve worked on the bathrooms. He is remodeling our bathrooms so we took off while the destruction was going on.

Gabbie was so excited to see Chloe today. Here she is sharing her fries.

I cannot believe how big Gabbie looks in these next 2 pictures. She is growing! She is still petite but definitely getting taller.

This was her new thing. She would go down the slide and stop towards the bottom, stand up, and jump off. She is a dare devil!

It looks like it is time for another haircut! I would love to grow her hair out but when it gets long it is so wild. Any hair taming product recommendations out there which are kid friendly? She really has beautiful hair but when it gets long, it gets crazy!

Her sprite kept her happy all of the way home.


Bobbi said...

She is looking like a big girl!!! Sad isn't it??

Glad you had a nice time out together. Funny, we itch to get away, then when we are away we itch to get back. We parents make no sense!

And, unfortunately, it looks like the worrying will never end. My Mom still worries.

Kevin said...

she is going to do fabulous at the Goddard School. She's going to learn so much...and really grow up!! (oops, sorry, I know you might not be ready for that lol)

Kelly said...

Angie, that last comment was from me...not a stalker (I am on Kevin's computer)....

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!! Gabbie is a doll!!


Rhonda said...

what a cutie pie! Amazing how quickly she and Emily are growing up! Can't wait to hear how the transition went :-)

Michelle Smiles said...

Such a cutie.

And did you have to go and reference that Christmas and 2nd birthdays are approaching? Hush on those things girl!