Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shh don't tell Gabbie but....

we bought her 2nd birthday gift today, a kitchen. Her birthday is not until September 1st but we received a 20% off any regular price coupon in the mail from T-R-U and Steve had to go there anyway to get a life jacket for Gabbie to go swimming in grandma's pool. The best part is not only did he get to use the 20% off coupon but it was also 20% off so when it was all said and done a $160 kitchen was only $100!!! I am not sure why they let him use it considering it said regular priced item but I am sure excited about it regardless because this means I can buy even more presents! Right now it is in a box in the basement. I cannot wait to give it to her because I know she is going to love it but for now I will have to be patient for the next 1 month and 12 days.

Friday we took Gabbie to the doctor to have her eye checked. She has two chalazions under her left eye which haven't gone away and have been there nearly 4 months. Well the pediatric opthamologist said they are pretty much just a nuisance and he felt they should go away. If not we can bring her back to get them removed but they aren't causing her any problems so at this point it would just be cosmetic which is definitely not work the risk of anesthesia. Gabbie was such a good girl and didn't cry or freak out at all at the doctor's so we took her to the toy store where she got an Elmo backpack which she loves, a Dora lunch box (free with purchase of a backpack), and a Dora doll with a bottle and Dora's twin baby siblings.

Today we went to Grandma's to swim in her pool. At first Gabbie wasn't have anything to do with the pool. Daddy and Grandma were both in but she was still clinging to me. Finally I handed her to Grandma expecting her to freak out and me to take her back but she was surprisingly okay. She wasn't exactly having a blast but she was not upset either. Finally they put her on the 'boat' (what she called it) and she floated around with the puppy and actually enjoyed it. Now for pictures.

Gabbie and her backpack. Notice the short hair. Gabbie got another haircut Saturday.

smiling for the camera

I love this picture! She just looks so sweet and innocent. Ha ha looks are deceiving!

Today at Grandma's house with Grandma's puppy
Gabbie loves this puppy.

Gabbie was ready at this point to get off the 'boat'.

Finally it isn't a day at Grandma's without the slide! Gabbie loves this slide. Notice the bandaids... They are not from boo boos. Gabbie now wants bandaids on each of her legs every day. So she gets 1 Dora and 1 Hello Kitty and she is happy.


Rhonda said...

LOVE Gabbie's new "cut"... What a cutie pie. How fun to be getting a kitchen center. I know my girls absolutely LOVE theirs and pretend play all the time with their dishes in the center! Great price too. She will LOVE it!!! It's hard to keep those secrets, hahaha That is truly so cute with the bandaids. What a beautiful day to spend at the pool. Hugs to all.

TNKerry said...

Love her haircut and she looks adorable and oh-so-sweet in all those pictures :)

Bobbi said...

HA!! Too funny. Both of my girls were obsessed with Band-Aids at this age. We thought about buying stock in Band-Aid.

Good luck holding off on the present. Great deal!!

Love her with the backpack. She certainly deserved it!!