Friday, July 25, 2008

Play date at new school

Today we took Gabbie to Goddard to visit since Monday is her first official day. Like normal, Gabbie was shy at first. It usually takes her 10-15 minutes to warm up anytime we go to an unfamiliar place. Today after about 10 minutes of being held she was ready to walk around and explore her new daycare. After about 15 minutes it was pretty obvious she is going to love it there! She did puzzles and had snack with her new friends. They were all showing their bellies which Gabbie and chatting away. It was so funny to watch her socialize and be the new kid but I was relieved that she jumped right in and did great.

After daycare we were supposed to go to the park with Jenn, Jacob, Jack, and Jordyn but it was raining so we went to Jenn's house and the kids played a while. After that we went to McDonalds to eat lunch and let the kids play. I was one nervous mommy watching Gabbie climb in the tunnels up in the air. At one point we hadn't seen her for a couple of minutes and I started to get super nervous when I looked up and there she was banging on the glass looking at us and laughing. Whew! Maybe it is because she is my first child but I swear that trip about put me over the edge! Fortunately we made it out when no injuries. Gabbie enjoyed her ice cream cone on the way home (to keep her awake) and once we got home we all took super naps. Now for pics.

Gabbie and Jack - they are just too cute together!

Gabbie loves baby Jordyn. She talks about her all of the time. She was so good holding her.

She even gave her a kiss.

Gabbie and Jacob

She sure enjoyed this ice cream cone!

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Rhonda said...

What a fun time and I can soooo relate to the tunnel thing as I still have a hard time even letting Katie go on them!