Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thank you for the comments!

Thank you for the comments! Gabbie actually did pretty well yesterday. She did freak out at drop off with daddy but ate a decent amount of food and actually napped from 12:30-2:50!!! She slept the longest out of any of the kids in her class which is amazing considering we didn't think she would nap on a cot with others in the room at all, much less nap the longest! When Steve got there to pick her up she was still eating snack while the other kids were playing. She is a super slow eater and prefers grazing to actually eating so this isn't surprising. Her teacher did say in her defense she was the last one to get up so the last one to start snack. Anyway, I am feeling much better about this transition. Mornings are rough and she cries and screams but at least we know once we leave she is okay and enjoys her day.

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