Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cousin Peyton and More Temper Tantrums

Last night cousin Peyton came over to play with Gabbie and they both were perfect. It was so cute to watch them. Today cousin Peyton came over again. Unfortunately Gabbie's terrible two phase was in full effect and after about 30 minutes of playing together with no problems Gabbie began throwing one fit after another. It was crazy.

This whole 2 year old thing is getting rough. Sometimes I cannot believe the fits. They are normally for nothing but turn into something! I have been smacked across the face 4 times this weekend. Two times when I went to get her out of timeout. One would think she would be happy her timeout was done but nah, not Gabbie. Instead she whacked me twice. YIKES!!! So needless to say the fits have not been good. Where oh where has my sweet baby gone?

Here is a cute picture of Gabbie and Peyton pre-tantrum. These two are just so cute together. They are COMPLETE opposites. Peyton is tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. Gabbie is petite, black hair and black eyes.

Waving at the camera

Sweet again

Playing in Gabbie's room

My sweet girl

Still sweet...

They were cracking me up here. Gabbie was jumping so high on Peyton.

Giving Peyton a hug for jumping too much on her. How sweet:)

Still sweet


Let the temper tantrums roll!

This pretty much sums up the rest of the night:(


Rhonda said...

Oh what a great cousin :-) Looks like they have so much fun together. The tantrums stink big time, going through them here and have been since she was TEN months old. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hang in there, hugs,

Bobbi said...

We are right there with you. Glad most of the times were fun.

Reese hits me a lot too. It gets old after awhile.

She is such a little cutie!!