Sunday, August 3, 2008

Puppies and Joe Joe

Today we went to a pool party at a friends house. Cousin Joe came with us. Let me tell you this was Gabbie's perfect day. She was outside most of the time, with two puppies, Jack, baby Jordyn, Jacob, and cousin Joe. She had a blast! She really wasn't much for the pool though. We tried once and she was not having it. Instead she ran around the pool putting water in cups and buckets and pouring it out. She also chased after the dogs over and over again. Once we returned home Gabbie had an amazing time playing with cousin Joe, or as she refers to him Joe Joe.
Now for pictures from today.

This was taken when Jack got there. Notice Gabbie hugging the puppy. She really is pretty good with them. She is gentle most of the time and only needs a few reminders.

This is when Jack noticed Gabbie. They are so stinking cute together:)

Another Gabbie and puppy picture.

Gabbie's cheeks get so red from the heat. We covered her in sunscreen from head to toe but the heat always gets her face and makes it look like she has a bad sunburn when it is just the heat.

Gabbie loves baby Jordyn. She is always wanting to kiss and hug her. She is pretty gentle with her too. Jordyn doesn't look too impressed though!

Trying to kiss the dog through the door. This picture cracks me up!


Rhonda said...

Ahhh so sweet. She is just adorable in her little suit! I have to say I giggle every time I see her in her bandaids!!!! That is just way cute :-)

Farrah said...

I have to laugh too when I spot the bandaids...One of the little girls I watch does the same thing!

She is adorable!!! And Madisyn doesn't care for the pool either, I guess it's the age or something!!