Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yoga and the terrible twos

A little over a week ago Gabbie started doing a move where she bends over and lifts one leg up. I remembered reading on her Goddard paper that they did yoga that day so I asked her if she was doing yoga. She kept doing it over and over again and now if you ask her to do yoga she does it immediately. It is hilarious! She loves her yoga!

Another thing she is loving lately is screaming and throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. It has been awesome! Seriously I have never seen a child go from smiling and sweet to kicking and screaming as fast as her the second she hears the word no. She is really something else! At our visit trip when she was just 3 months old we knew she was going to be feisty but wow she has surpassed all of our feisty expectations! Actually there was a photo our agency sent even before our visit where my mom said she could see the attitude in Gabbie's face. She definitely has attitude! I think we are in for it. It can only get better right?

Here is Gabbie doing yoga. She was apparently a little lazy today with it though because normally she is up on her hands and feet but I thought these were still funny. And yes that is a bandaid on the bottom of her foot. More info to follow on that a few photos down.

More yoga

Doesn't she just look so sweet here?

Aw and here? Sweet again - looks are deceiving!

Finally we seem to be cutting back *some* on the bandaids. She normally has about 4 on each day with two being on the soles of her feet. For some reason she INSISTS on wearing two of them on the bottom of her feet.


steve said...

the band aids on feet are funny - the yoga is hilarious ---- but did you see daddy's calves on the last blog entry ---- yummy!!!!

Angie said...

Okay enough about your calves daddy. Remember I can post some not so nice pictures of you! I have the password and you don't!

Rhonda said...

LOVE the bandaids!!! She is just too funny with those. Tell me about TEMPER TANTRUMS. Are you kidding me, Emily wrote the book on them!! AND they haven't gotten better :-( We'll have to compare notes!!!!!

Bobbi said...

My youngest daughter used to have to wear a band-aid on her nose. THEN, her nose got raw from the band-aid. It was a mess!! WHat is the attraction to them???

I think Reese can go psycho faster than her. It is never pretty!!

Elmo party sounds fun. Reese doesn't quite get it still this year, but I might do Cars for me!!!

C said...

She is so cute! I can totally relate to the temper tantrums. Anna has absolutely no tolerance for the word "no". She goes from smiling to tantrum in a second if she doesn't get her way.

(CarolynBama with FTC)