Sunday, August 10, 2008

We made it to Peyton's party!

We made it to the party yesterday. Gabbie had a blast. She loves that place! Steve and I were both dragging. We are still feeling poopy today. My body is not aching as much but my throat is hurting and it is horrible. Steve was still feeling yucky today and took a 3.5 hour nap! This bug has been horrible! I will be glad when we are back to normal. Now for pictures from the party.

Here is Steve and the birthday girl Peyton

Here is Peyton opening the ipod we gave her for her gift. This child is 5 years old and has an ipod and a wii, none of which I have!

In most of the pictures of Peyton opening her gifts there is always a little Guatemalan girl standing to the left. Gabbie HAD to be up there with her. It is so cute how she looks up to Peyton.

Gabbie licking her sprite

This is Gabbie's new smile. She smiles really big and closes her eyes. Lovely huh! I am just so thrilled that most of the smiling pictures are with Gabbie's eyes closed now!


Rhonda said...

Love the pictures! So sorry you guys aren't feeling up to par and hope if gets better real soon. Nice to see that Gabbie had such a fun time!

Chantelle Becking said...

Your daughter is so so cute! She looks similar to my daughter, though I think my daugher is younger. I have a daughter, Bianca, 21 months from Guatemala. They have the same curls, and the ability to look cute in anything!
I am also from Missouri. We live in Cape Girardeau. There are several local families here with Guatemalan children, and it seems like we are always meeting someone new!
Read your comments on another blog and thought I had to see yours! We are adopting now from Ethiopia and can hardly wait!
Thanks for sharing your blog!

Bobbi said...

UGH!! HOpe you all feel better. I loved all of her pics.

I am glad that you commented. I have been wanting to put you on my blog list, but lost the link. Now I have it again!!

Tricia said...

Great pictures!!! :)