Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sick baby:(

My poor baby is sick:( I got a call from school today saying Gabbie was running a 102.5 fever. I went to pick her up and she was miserable. We went straight home and had some Tylenol and cheese-its. I put her down for a nap at 12:45 after about 15 minutes of rocking and right after I had taken the last bite of my lunch she woke up. So Gabbie ended up having a 30 minute nap which is not cool! We went to the doctor who said this is likely a virus and that normally kids who go to a new daycare/school get sick in the beginning with a respiratory virus which is what she has and a diarrhea type illness. YIPEE!

Somehow tonight though Gabbie did better than what I thought she would on just a 30 minute nap! She obviously doesn't feel well but there were some happy/dancing moments of which I was able to capture on camera. There were also a lot of screaming/crying/clinging sick moments too but no pictures of those to share.

Her new school has a sick kid policy which may keep her from attending tomorrow so it appears I will likely be home with her. Hopefully she will start feeling better soon because cousin Peyton's birthday is Saturday at Pump It Up and Gabbie loved that place the last time we went. Now for pictures.

This was taken during one of her happier moments. Gabbie was dancing away. This kid loves to dance.

Smiling even though she felt like junk.

More dancing with a little attitude. I think her pigtails make her feel sassy. Everytime I put them in she looks in the mirror and smiles at herself and also shakes her head back and forth so they move. We really get a lot of comments on how cute they look. The nurse said something at the doctor's office today and Gabbie just smiled as she walked by. She had some serious tude. I could tell she was thinking 'thanks but I already know I am cute."

Look at my tall girl reaching the door knob!!! She was only on her tippy toes a little bit!

Gabbie's latest obsession, aside from bandaids, is taking her socks off and putting them back on over and over again. On the way to the doctors she started screaming and getting really mad because she could not get one tennis shoe off. I pulled it off for her and she was happy as could be because she took her sock off and then put it back on. She is so impressed with herself when she does it!

More sock action

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Rhonda said...

ahhh, poor little munchkin. Sure hope she is feeling better tomorrow. Now I'm a little worried when Katie starts next month! She's not hardly ever been sick her entire life and I forget about all those germs :-( I didn't see their policy on sick time, may have to check it out!