Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow! What a party!!!

Today was Gabbie's birthday party. Tomorrow she will be 2 years old. Let's just say today she had a blast! She was the princess of the party and knew it! I cannot even believe the gifts. She got an insane amount of presents!!! She is truly so loved! What an amazing day!!! Now for some pictures.

We had water time for the kids. They had a slide, pool, and water balloons which I think Gabbie popped 90% of! She likes water balloons!

Gabbie and Jack

Here is the birthday girl!

Gabbie loved her birthday outfit. After I got her dressed and did her hair we looked in the mirror and she tilted her head side to side and smiled so big at herself.

Gabbie and her Elmo cake

Blowing out the candles

Gabbie and Grandma

Gabbie got a big truck full of cars which she loved from Grandma in addition to a very large gift card to Baby Gap!!!! Mommy can't wait to go shopping!

Here she is with her cash register from Great Uncle Steve. She loves this too!

Here she is with her tool box!

Pinata time! The kids and adults loved this!!!

I love this picture even though it is from behind.

Gabbie and cousin Joe on the tricycle from Boom Boom and Pa Pa. Joe pushed her around the house over and over again.
I just realized there are no pictures of her kitchen. Let me tell you she LOVED it. Gabbie normally goes to bed at 7:30 but was up tonight until 9:15. She did not want to leave that kitchen. She kept saying mine to daddy and hitting him so he would go away. She is 2!!!!


TNKerry said...

Looks and sounds like such a great time. I love the birthday girl outfit :)

Rhonda said...

OMGOSH Angie, she is so beautiful. I sooooo love that tutu, where did you get that??????? Gorgeous! Looks like she had such a wonderful time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBIE girl :-)
Elmo cake is sooooooooooooooo cute. What a fun time.
Big hugs Gabbie from Katie and Emily.

Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday, Gabie!! Looks like your party was fun. I loved the outfit.

Enjoy all your new toys. I love it when they are so into playing that you have to let them stay up. And, it was her party day!!

Did you make that cake?!?!!?

Robyn said...

Looks like she had a great party!! The cake is too cute!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Gabbie!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gabbie! I love her birthday outfit. Her tutu is fabulous!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Gabbie!