Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The look part 2 and a video!

Ah how I loved being slapped in the face, on the head, on the leg, anywhere and everywhere actually! I am hoping if I keep saying it I will believe it eventually. Seriously the whining, hitting and temper tantrums are coming daily and frequently. The wrong question can set Gabbie off. The good news is so far I don't 'think' she is hitting the kids at school but instead just us. We are trying to be consistent with timeouts and not giving in but it doesn't seem to do anything to her. Any recommendations???? Please tell me this will end soon! On the flip side she is just so sweet it is sickening. Seriously she is the biggest cuddle/love bug. When she is happy her personality shines. But when she is mad, watch out!

Now for a video. This was taken a couple of weeks ago. It is sideways though which stinks so just tilt your head to the side when you watch it. Also please ignore my annoying munchkin voice. Thanks!


Bobbi said...

Yes, I too love being abused by my son. How great is that??

I love how she can do the smile, and the look all in one breath.

Good luck. We are in deep with you. I have no suggestions because nothing we do works either.

Rhonda said...

Oh Angie, I am sooo sorry. I know it's so hard. We have not had the hitting to deal with but you know we've had those nasty temper tantrums for quite awhile. I think you are handling it well with being consistent with the discipline. Hopefully, it will subside down the road and her frustration will end.

Hang in there, hugs, Rhonda

Debbie B said...

Thanks for de-lurking. Gabbie is adorable. The video of her look is precious.

No help on the hitting but I'm guessing it's just a 2 yr old phase.
Happy 2nd Birthday!

Tera said...

Hi Angie! Catching up on your posts!! Gabbie is sososo CUTE...I love her beautiful and sharp facial features! Love the video...hee hee! I hear you on the behavior troubles. I think that you are doing what you can do...consistency, etc. Emma is not hitting but she is biting (I have a bruise on my shoulder right now) and scratching and even pinching. It is NOT fun at all!! :/ I definitely feel for you guys...you are not alone in that at all! Take good care and God bless.